About our Practice


In our practice the focus is solely on the well-being of our patients. We offer our legally insured and private patients medical care at the highest level in an environment they can feel comfortable in. To ensure the highest standards, we use the most modern surgical equipment and methods.

In the context of assuring a clear, concise, and definitive diagnosis, we place great emphasis on the latest developments in science and technology. For the imaging of bone structures, for example, we use three-dimensional x-ray diagnostics and medical software programs that guarantee a high level of precise planning and surgical results in malocclusion surgery. The procedures are carried out with the most modern equipment and surgical methods.

In addition to our own treatment rooms, the KLINIK am RING provides a sterilized  state-of-the-art operating theater with excellently trained staff for the treatment of our patients. This is a great advantage because in the event that our patients have to stay in the hospital during or after the procedures, they receive comprehensive care from one single source and at one convenient location.

Naturally, we place great emphasis on personalized and individual care in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere. After successfully completed procedures, our patients receive the best care possible beore they are discharged to go home. Even after the treatment, we provide our patients individualized and personal care and make sure that the healing process is concluded satisfactorily.




Topics frequently asked about

Wisdom Tooth Removal · Apicoectomy · Implantants · Detal Occlusion · Malocclusion · Chin Corrections · Rhinoplasty · Aesthetic Surgery ·  Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) · Jawbone Restructuring · Sinus Lift · Sinuses · Blepharoplasty · Facelift · Denture Retention · Dentures · Jaw Cysts · Oral Cancer· Facial Tumor