Oral Surgery

Our treatment spectrum includes all surgical treatments in the mouth area, starting with the surgical tooth removal, which in most cases is performed under local anesthesia. Of course, we also administer general anesthesia or sedation.

Another focus of our oral surgery services are apicoectomies. We perform this procedure under the operating microscope and thereby avoid that in the region of the root tip new inflammations form or any inflammations flare up again. Under the operation microscope the delicate structures can be identified very distinctly and therefore they can be optimally treated.

In the area of periodontal surgery, we are the right partner: We clean your teeth below the region accessible to the dentist and perform operational activities on the bone or perform aesthetic surgeries, for example, covering exposed crown margins or tooth necks.

Of course, we consult and treat all diseases related to mucosa because every oral mucosa should be treated as soon as it is diagnosed. ! Again, we are experts there for our patients. In this areas, we are also care for our patients with utmost expertise.




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