Facial Surgery

An important part of facial surgery in our clinic is the profile enhancing surgery. This includes jaw misalignments, chin corrections, and rhinoplasty. With this type of surgery, we correct inherited and acquired defects in the facial area. These and other deformities can have an adverse effect on the aesthetic harmony of the face in profile, for example the forming of the lips and facial expressions. Some deformities can even affect the speech, chewing, and breathing. Aside from the improved function, the goal is to create a harmonious facial profile and a beautiful smile.

Another focus is the aesthetic facial surgery, which includes facelift, eyelid surgery, ear correction, and wrinkle treatments. A comprehensive knowledge of the facial region’s anatomy and function as well as the bone structure is the most important prerequisite for the planning and realization of aesthetic facial surgery.
Of course, the surgical treatment of benign and malignant facial tumors and various malformations (e.g., cleft lip and palate) is part of our treatment spectrum.




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