Barbara Spanke

spankePrimary responsibility: Practice Management

Ms. Spanke is responsible for coordinating our practice workflow and human resources management. She is in particularly the primary point of contact for our patients who submit treatment plans for the approval of their health insurance. With her well founded knowledge in the field of Medical and Dental Fees, she clarifies outstanding issues with great expertise. She also acts as an intermediary between you and our data center.




Topics frequently asked about

Wisdom Tooth Removal · Apicoectomy · Implantants · Detal Occlusion · Malocclusion · Chin Corrections · Rhinoplasty · Aesthetic Surgery ·  Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) · Jawbone Restructuring · Sinus Lift · Sinuses · Blepharoplasty · Facelift · Denture Retention · Dentures · Jaw Cysts · Oral Cancer· Facial Tumor